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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Well, I’m definitely maxed out at 5 pins in my current basement. After some fast and furious acquisitions, I’m hoping I can be content and actually play them for a while. I’ve spent time on all of them, but some of the newer ones, like Simpsons, I’ve barely scratched the surface on.


I realized that the 5 pins are all by 5 different great designers, so it is a nice cross-selection:

Tron – John Borg
Theatre of Magic – John Popadiuk (Jpop)
Avengers – George Gomez
The Simpsons Pinball Party – Joe Balcer / Keith Johnson
AC/DC – Steve Ritchie / Lyman Sheats

Notable omissions would be: Dennis Nordman and Pat Lawlor…. hopefully I can add one of their machines in the future.

Some video of AC/DC in the new lineup.


Picked up my AC/DC Premium today. This hobby is quite the sickness, my 3rd new-in-box in 6 months. I decided on AC/DC because 1) it is a proven Top 10 pin and 2) I want to focus on newer machines, modern features like advanced lighting and rules. With AC/DC and my current lineup that kind of makes me “complete” at the moment until later this year when some new titles get released, like Star Trek.

I had to remove the head to get it down my stairs. My house is old and the basement was never made for fun stuff like pins!


Then I shuffled my pin order around to make space. I ran out of energy so I’ll finish reassembling ac/dc tomorrow.

I can’t believe it, but we moved boxes and a 5th pin can now fit.



AC/DC is on its way!

A few months ago I finally came out to my first Toronto Pinball League (ToPL). I had resisted up until then because the distances to the various host’s homes seemed like a big drive. For a “Toronto” league, sometimes they are more than an hour outside the city, and none are currently IN Toronto at the moment.

I haven’t missed a Monday since. It’s been a lot of fun. To come out and spend a few hours with a bunch of other pinheads is a good time. Not to mention, the collections of some of the hosts’ homes are incredible, and I’d probably never get to see them otherwise.

It is a competitive league, so each night groups of 4 players are put together, and play on 4 machines. Scores are tracked and points assigned to your placement. This is done over a 15 week season. There is a end-of-season playoffs, but I’ve yet to be part of that.

The social aspect of pinball has been an unexpected plus. I’ve met lots of good peeps.

The latest lineup. This might be the maximum of what I can fit in my current basement.



And just like that another pin was added. The Simpsons’ Pinball Party from Stern.


I’ve been interested in this title pretty much since I first got back into pinball. I had be looking for the last several months. One finally came available. It is a HUO in mint condition. A previous owner added LEDs to it, which I quite like.

TSPP is considered a Top 10 game, with one of the deepest rule sets in pinball.