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Monthly Archives: June 2017

2016 PAPA World Champion Robert Gagno at his home in Vancouver.

2017_06_25_0905 Robert_Frolic_1

We were invited to the taping of a tv show where they built the world’s biggest pinball machine at our friend Adam Becker’s arcade and property. Both my kids got to play it on camera. Not sure when the show will debut but it was a pretty neat spectacle.




“Jersey Jack” Guarnieri, of Jersey Jack Pinball showing off his new Frolic’s Arcade shirt as the first Dialed In machines get ready to leave his factory. I had told Jack I’d send him a shirt to commemorate the first Jersey Jack Pinball making its way to my arcade.


Dialed In is expected this summer.

Adam West passed this week at the age of 88.

I’m heartened by the life he lived, and the love he felt from his fans. I also take a bit of comfort in knowing his involvement in the Batman pinball game was one of his final bits of work.

My Batman was a limited edition, #13, and signed by Adam West himself. It will always be a special machine.