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Current lineup


The updated lineup.

Dialed In! LE
Game of Thrones LE
Batman 66 LE
Mustang LE
Avengers Hulk LE
Star Trek LE
Full Throttle
Metallica Premium
Ghostbusters LE
The Simpsons Pinball Party
The Walking Dead LE
Iron Man
AC/DC Premium
Medieval Madness LE

Pac-Man’s Arcade Party

LE = Limited Edition model
Premium = Full featured “Premium” model

TV Show Taping

We were invited to the taping of a tv show where they built the world’s biggest pinball machine at our friend Adam Becker’s arcade and property. Both my kids got to play it on camera. Not sure when the show will debut but it was a pretty neat spectacle.




In memory of Adam West

Adam West passed this week at the age of 88.

I’m heartened by the life he lived, and the love he felt from his fans. I also take a bit of comfort in knowing his involvement in the Batman pinball game was one of his final bits of work.

My Batman was a limited edition, #13, and signed by Adam West himself. It will always be a special machine.



New Game: Batman ’66


Batman LE from Stern, based on the classic TV series.



Every LE was named after an individual episide or batgadget. Mine was Episode 13: The Thirteenth Hat, which we coincidentally received delivery on Friday the 13th of January!!

The LE also features a very cool topper.


Vancouver Flip Out 2016


I will be traveling to Vancouver for their Flip Out expo happening in September. Over 130 pinball machines will be playable, plus lots of guest speakers from the industry will be there.

I also look forward to meeting in real life many pinball contacts I’ve made on the west coast.

If you will be at the show feel free to say hello and introduce yourself!

well that was interesting

I never realized an article about my little arcade could turn into a world wide viral thing. It leaves me in a weird place because now I’ve had hundreds of requests from people to visit, when this isn’t a business and I’m not trying to monetize it. Obviously a real brick & mortar business would have loved all the attention, but I don’t know what to do with it.

Then came more media requests and TV requests. I’ll have to let the dust settle before I decide what I will do next. In the meantime I will continue to update this site as a blog about what I do with my arcade.

Where to play Pinball

There’s been interest in the arcade due to the Toronto Life article. As mentioned, the arcade is a private collection, but on occasion we’ve opened it up for a charity night. I’ve created an email address for people interested to be put on a list.

You can email your interest to:

Outside of this, this isn’t a business, so it isn’t available for private bookings or rentals.

Other places to play:

There are multiple leagues that play regularly in and around Toronto:

Toronto Pinball League – plays every Monday at venues around the GTA.

City Pinball – Plays regularly in Toronto.

Bluff’s Pinball League – Plays regularly in Scarborough

DRAPL Pinball League – Plays regularly in Durham and east of Toronto.

There is also

The Church of the Silver Ball – Open most weekends in Mississauga.

Happy Flipping!