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Category Archives: theatre of magic

I decided to sell my Theatre of Magic. I don’t have enough space to keep every game I want, so it was time to start rotating the lineup.

I knew it would be an easy game to sell, it is a Top 10 game, and already had many people interested in it. A guest was over last night and made an offer on the spot so I decided to take it.

One game leaves, what will be the next to arrive?


I found the game kind of dark in my basement so I installed an LED kit from Here is the before and after results.

My second pin arrived. Theatre of Magic, considered one of the top 10 pins of all time. Designed by John Papaduik in 1995. Produced by Bally. The game features incredible art and flowing design. It also features several magic “tricks” using magnets to pull the ball around. The main toy is a magic trunk that you shoot for.