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While I’m primarily a pinball arcade, I did have room for 1 upright arcade machine. I looked at multi-cade units but settled for a licensed Namco Pac Man machine featuring 13 licensed Namco games, set for coin-op play. The cabinet fit perfect near the entrace with the jukebox, fridge and token machine.




I’ve had a long standing desire to put all my machines onto tokens, just like a real old school arcade. I managed to find a working token dispenser that will accept money.

I think it will be fun to host a charity night, where all money inserted into the machine will be donated to XYZ charity. People play for real money, with a pocket of coins, Replays actually mean something, and people can feel good about it because it is all going to a worthy cause.

Some people raise money for their favorite charities by holding events or galas, me… I open up my arcade for charity :).

The buzz on this title has been great lately. A real sleeper hit. I swapped the default rock music with more classic music from my era.



There is a restroom located in the arcade. Features an automatic soap dispenser and automatic paper towel dispenser.




The back wall features flyers for every machine I own or have owned. So after the games leave, the flyer remains.


News of my LE arriving and it being the first sent me to the #1 spot on Pinside.


Shuffled some machines around for the arrival of The Walking Dead.


From left to right:

The Walking Dead LE
Batman Dark Knight
Metallica Premium
Avengers Hulk LE
Star Trek LE
The Simpsons Pinball Party
Tron Legacy
Roller Coaster Tycoon
AC/DC Premium

The Walking Dead LE has arrived at Frolic’s Arcade. It happened to be the first LE delivered in North America! It will be available to play this month at both the Toronto Pinball League and Toronto Pinball Vixen league nights.





I sold my X-Men this week to make room for The Walking Dead. I’ve ordered the LE model which is expected the end of October.

Hosted the Toronto Pinball League for the first time. A packed house. A great time was had by all.



10 Pins total.


From left to right:

Star Trek LE
Batman Dark Knight
Metallica Premium
Avengers Hulk LE
The Simpsons Pinball Party
Tron Legacy
X-Men Magneto LE
Roller Coaster Tycoon
AC/DC Premium


Added to lineup.


X-Men Magneto LE added to lineup.

I invited some local pinball owners and ToPL hosts to check out the arcade for the first time.





and I have the t-shirt to prove it

Just got a new power remote to drive my pins, jukebox and neons from a press of a button. I will mount this by my light switch.

Guess who is the new president of the Toronto Pinball League?

I was recruited to bring some new energy and new ideas, plus my business background to the league.


I added a blacklight reactive carpet runner to the entire length of the room. 18″ blacklights are mounted under each cabinet to light the carpet. It is hard to photograph how amazing the effect is, but as the saying goes, it really ties the room together :).






The shadows are caused from the gaps between my machines, so as the room fills up with more machines each with a blacklight underneath, the effect will only increase.


Here is the current walk through of the new arcade. We still need to add a carpet runner, and decorate the walls. I would like to get it to 10 machines in the near future, and then add ones on occasion after that.


I had a custom neon made to really make the new arcade something special.


A new game joins the lineup.


Roller Coaster Tycoon from Stern. This is based off the computer game, features lots of ramps. a Pat Lawlor design. Currently held at my friend Luch’s place until my new house is ready.

We don’t take possession for another month but I bought a video jukebox to add to the atmosphere when we are ready.

The new arcade will have room for many more machines. Batman The Dark Knight has already been added to the collection but will not be set up until the new arcade is ready.


I’ve been living in the current rental home for 2 years, which is where we got our first pinball machine. We just bought our first home which will feature a much larger arcade. Below is a video walk through of the “before”.

Added a brand new machine to the lineup. Star Trek LE from Stern.




I added a blue DMD which fits the game quite nicely. The game itself is quite awesome. I am definitely hooked on “new” pinball that can deliver cutting edge light shows. Really amps the game up.

Robin surprised me by inviting some people over for my birthday this year. I was ready to have a quiet birthday with my family when more guests kept showing up. Was fun to play some pinball! Represented by the guests were several parts of my life, from working in a video game store 25 years ago, my DJ years, and a new bunch of pinball friends.

Robin created a custom cake featuring a photo of my Tron machine!


A good time was had by all :-).

I decided to sell my Theatre of Magic. I don’t have enough space to keep every game I want, so it was time to start rotating the lineup.

I knew it would be an easy game to sell, it is a Top 10 game, and already had many people interested in it. A guest was over last night and made an offer on the spot so I decided to take it.

One game leaves, what will be the next to arrive?